Rising Model Session


Most people hate being in front of the camera — that’s ok.  However, in this social media driven society, a great headshot is a necessity.  Your image can make or break a deal, create enough of a connection for a client to contact you or even help convert traffic from a social media sites like Instagram.  If you are an aspiring actor or model, you can’t afford to miss the opportunity of making a great first impression.

There are no shortcuts to great headshots.  Trained models can shoot for hours to create the right image.  If this is true for models with professional photographers, we should expect a good headshot to take some effort.

I can help get you there 

With time, coaching, a little experimentation and some fun, I can help you create that optimal image of yourself.  Every human I’ve ever met has something they don’t like about their physical appearance!  Most people hate having their picture taken.  But, I promise you every person also has a look that will awe others and most importantly, themselves.  This is what true headshot photography is all about.  We just need to have some fun finding that look together! Shaylee Ray Photography has even had clients that have went on to compete on Miss USA! 


  • $150.
  • Includes Coaching and Client Feedback on Photos During Session.
  • 1 Hour Session.
  • 20 Digitally Retouched Images.
  • Prints cost 20 dollars per 20 4x6 photos


Seattle, WA